The Data Science Talent Crisis

In the past five years alone, 98% of data scientists have changed jobs at least once. This high turnover rate is compounded by a shortage of AI talent—if data scientists want to go elsewhere, they can leave their current roles safe in the knowledge that they’re in high demand.

We’re addressing these critical questions:

● What’s causing data scientists to resign all at once?
● What can execs do to better support their data science teams?
● How can data scientists improve their communication with leadership?

Let’s increase trust between executives & data scientists.

If you’re an enterprise leader, you might:

  • Not feel like it’s your job to understand the ins and outs of data science
  • Be too busy to dedicate time to communicating with your data scientists
  • Feel like you have financial priorities outside of data science or that you’ve already invested sufficiently
  • Be frustrated with the high turnover rate of data scientists at your organization
  • Not even realize there’s a major shortage of AI talent

If you’re a data scientist, you might:

  • Feel as if no one outside of your team understands the work you do
  • Be spending most (or all) of your time doing tedious data prep grunt work
  • Not be satisfied with your compensation and/or career path
  • Feel like you’re lacking the tools you need to be successful
  • Have experienced a job that didn’t live up to your expectations OR even quit


Does any of this sound like you?

If so, we’re here to help. Whether you’re a disgruntled data scientist thinking about quitting your job (or already have!) or an exasperated exec grappling with high turnover rates—there’s no denying that we’re in the midst of a data science talent crisis. We’ve created a library of resources to help you put a stop to it.

How to Get Your Data Scientists to Quit

Want to know what’s causing the mass turnover in data science? This blog, from our Founder and CTO’s perspective (who has quit his data science jobs in the past!), will walk you through it. We break down the top six reasons data scientists quit their jobs, including:

  • A lack of growth opportunities at their current organization
  • Not being offered competitive pay
  • Working within an outdated technical environment
woman with head in hands at desk

Stop the Great Data Scientist Exodus

Executive leadership, this one’s for you! We’re breaking down the Exodus’s top causes and what you can do about it. View our infographic to learn:

  • What the Great Data Scientist Exodus actually is and the impact it’s having
  • Why data science talent is so displeased with current working conditions
  • How to keep your data scientists from walking right out the door

Checklist to Solve the DS Talent Crisis Within Your Org 

The only way to solve the current disconnect between data scientists and leadership is to communicate. Need a little guidance? This checklist shows data scientists how to approach a productive conversation with leaders to build trust in models, explain their impact & improve the work environment.


Requiem for a Data Scientist

What’s the legacy that data scientists will leave behind? Watch this on-demand webinar with RapidMiner’s Founder & CTO, Ingo Mierswa, as he discusses what data scientists can do today to change how they’ll be remembered in the future.
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