4 Real-Time Scoring Use Cases

In today’s fast-paced environment, customers expect near-zero wait times when streaming Netflix or ordering pizzas. Timely delivery has a huge impact on the experience expected across all industries.

For example, demand for real-time solutions extends into manufacturing, where predicting machine failure and deploying counter-measures is increasingly automated. What was once considered “real-time” is not anymore – the notion of real-time is constantly evolving, from 5 seconds to 5 milliseconds to 5 nanoseconds.

Speed is increasingly considered a necessity when operationalizing challenging data science use cases, like predicting how your customers behave or when your industrial parts will break. RapidMiner’s real-time scoring capabilities handle real-world deployment use cases that require scoring of data in either very large volumes within a short time or with very low latency. Of course, if both conditions are necessary at the same time, RapidMiner’s real-time scoring supports that as well. Here are four impactful use cases for real-time scoring.




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