GigaOm: A Business Case for Multi-Persona Data Science Platforms

Most businesses have newer, maturing data science programs and therefore benefit from analytics platforms that support the entire team (vs. solely coding data scientists). The market is creating a lot of buzz and demand for multi-persona platforms, but there’s not a lot of practical guidance on how these platforms can actually create value.

As a Leader in the GigaOm 2022 Radar Report for Data Science Platforms, RapidMiner commissioned this comprehensive business case that helps organizations evaluate and plan for adoption of a multi-persona data science platform in their organization.

This business case provides:

  • A concise summary of the unique benefits
  • A detailed 30/60/90 plan
  • A review of your projected ROI and how to assess time to value

Evaluate & plan for adoption of a multi-persona DS platform.

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