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Case Studies

Prevent Fraud

Identify and Prevent Fraud

Fraud detection is usually manual and labor-intensive. At scale it can be a tricky problem to tackle. However, if you apply AI properly you can both save time and be more effective.


Call Volume Forecast Using RapidMiner

Michael Stansky of FirstEnergy demonstrates how to use RapidMiner to forecast customer contact center call volume using historical all volume and considering call volume drivers.

Master Variable Demand

Master Variable Demand

Every supply chain requires precision forecasting. Learn how this automotive manufacturer optimized hundreds of dealer orders and generated substantially more accurate sales forecasts leading to a $10M+ benefit in year 1 and $50M+ more than expected in year 2.

Causes of Customer Churn

Understand Causes of Customer Churn

Customer retention is a must for businesses to thrive. Learn how Verizon Wireless gained actionable insights from data and proactively identified 30% of churn.

Optimizing Water Pipeline Renewal

Learn how a water distribution company leverages the insights from RapidMiner to decide where to invest in pipeline rehabilitation & replacement.

Patent Tracking in Manufacturing

Learn how this manufacturer collects patent documents filed by competitors and uses our text analytics and predictive capabilities to sort and track them.

Sales Forecasting in Life Sciences

This multinational pharmaceutical company sells thousands of different drugs. In order to optimize logistical operations and storage needs, the company needed to know future sales.

Text Mining in Healthcare

This giant pharmaceutical firm was looking for customer feedback. It wanted to know what people liked about its products. Did people prefer the company‘s product

Predictive Maintenance at Lufthansa

Learn how, using RapidMiner, Lufthansa is able to decrease device failures and reduce total downtime by more than 20%, resulting in cost reductions.

Optimizing Marketing Campaigns at MMC

Modern Marketing Concepts, Inc. (MMC) is a global leader in the business-to-business marketing services industry, offering innovative marketing solutions across multiple industries, including the building