21 August 2017


Ten Tips to Master RapidMiner Studio

RapidMiner Studio has helped you and your company gain a competitive edge with data-driven decisions made at a rapid pace—are you ready to make those decisions and the processes behind them even faster?

In a past webinar, Jeff Chowaniec, data scientist and solutions consultant at RapidMiner, keys you in on the most useful tricks and shortcuts to enhance efficiency in your RapidMiner Studio endeavors. To demonstrate these tips, Jeff utilizes the Titanic Survival Dataset (you’ll find this in the samples folder in RapidMiner Studio).

The first tip you might not know about is the Results Overview tab, where you can do a lot of data discovery. You can move between output results and output history, save different iterations of past jobs, store them, see which operators are doing what, see what data is in your example set, the stats for different data types and build advanced charts as you go. This tab gives you the ability to see what is happening with your data before you are even trying to predict anything.

Another time saver comes in the form of building blocks. You can use pre-built ones inside RapidMiner Studio or even create them by right clicking and inserting a building block. This is great when you are looking to generate a model quickly and want to share that building block by email or to the community portal with the rest of your team.

Jeff loves using notes and folder organization to keep his data in order and his options right in the forefront of his mind in all the chaos of computing. Notes can be accessed by the sticky note button and formatted, color coated, stored, deleted, and so on. Folders can be created into subfolders, and the results folder can hold any of your models, weight tables, and word lists.

This is just the beginning of the untapped potential—we can help all of you RapidMiner Studio users use the fewest amount of clicks and keystrokes possible. Even our tutorials are made readily available through each operator from within a design process by right clicking on that operator. Fast-track navigation using CamelCase Searching allows you to jump to what you are looking for by typing one letter.

Leveraging the regular expression helper the right way can give you greater flexibility and transform your data. You can select attribute filter types, pull in more options, generate new attributes, give conditions—the possibilities are endless. If you need to do date transformations, there is a date calculation option. You can close out of connections quickly—simply hover over “X” and “Alt.” click to “Shift” click. Hold down “Shift” and click on your result nodes to adjust them and organize the result output. If you want to space out your result nodes when joining with another output, this is a great functionality.

RapidMiner Studio God

A screen grab from the webinar demonstrates how you can embed and re-use R & Python scripts more efficiently. You grab a multiply operator down below in RapidMiner Wisdom of Crowds (this tracks what operators you place onto the canvas and what operators you’ve connected them to). From that, it makes predictions for users who are utilizing Wisdom of Crowds to give the best suggestion of what the community is currently using. Now when you run your R script inside RapidMiner, hook up your data, edit, and run multiple scripts, you can add in whatever packages/repositories you need to load. This gives you R & Python in the same workflow and the ability to tell what each script is doing individually.

In one final tip from Jeff, you learn how to move flawlessly from tree to rules. Once you’ve generated a decision tree and want to export the rules, you can drag in the tree-to-rules operator. If you hit “Control + C” you can copy your validation and then send training data in and the model out. You’ve now been anointed God of RapidMiner Studio, knowing all the ins and outs, the best kept secrets in fast and simple data modeling. These tools and tips are indispensable when it comes to taking your RapidMiner Studio skills to the next level. Use your powers of lightning fast data science wisely!

RapidMiner Studio God

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