14 April 2022


What You Need to Know About RapidMiner’s New ‘Solution Goldmine’

As part of a new initiative we’re working on (announcement coming in the next few weeks!), we’ve been interviewing hundreds of stakeholders around the world. What surprised us the most about these conversations is how much our users associate the RapidMiner brand with upskilling. 

Our goal is to put people at the center of AI. We’ve always done that in the platform and out, with RapidMiner Academy and our Center of Excellence methodology. Now, we’re amending it and introducing the Solutions Goldmine. Read on to learn more about what it is, why we developed it, and how you can benefit from it. 

What is the ‘Solution Goldmine’? 

Like I said, we’re passionate about upskilling. In fact, Gartner’s been talking about the importance of upskilling to close the talent gap for years, and we’ve realized that our strength in multi-persona is worthless if everyone isn’t standing on the same foundation. 

So, we created a system of 360-degree upskilling—starting with our platform, which meets people where they are and grows with them. From there, we help develop expertise with task- and skill-level-specific, persona-mapped certifications in the Academy. It’s all supported by our Center of Excellence methodology, which operationalizes upskilling and helps us help our clients develop and deploy use-case-based machine learning models. 

The latest addition to the Academy is a capstone certification titled “Data Science Solution Master” that helps data science practitioners such as consultants, jobseekers, and partners get publicity and credibility by proving that they can do real data science. But, that’s just the beginning of the benefit to the data science community. 

Where It Starts to Benefit EVERYONE 

We’ve standardized the submission process so that once a user completes an end-to-end solution, RapidMiner makes sure every piece is documented, detailed, and easy to understand and replicate. Once they’re approved, use cases are available for all other users to learn from in the Academy. 

To view published solutions, you can navigate to the use case Goldmine and peruse to your heart’s content. Each solution has documentation available on the general problem, solution, and any pre-requisite knowledge you might need to follow along. 

Once you’re ready, you can download the Solution Repository and read through the step-by-step documentation, running the processes locally as you go along. 

Sample Solution: Analog Gauge Digitization 

If you have experience in manufacturing and industry, you’re likely familiar with analog gauges. They’re all over the shop floor, and the fact that they don’t capture digital output means that recording data from them can be super time-consuming. 

In this use case, Analog Gauge Digitization, user Scott Genzer documented how he used computer vision to transform data captured on camera of an analog gauge into virtual dashboards. 

Why We Did It 

Often, when people think of upskilling, they think of teaching someone what linear regression is or how to evaluate the accuracy of a given model. Most of the time, however, it can go way beyond that. Upskilling isn’t just for beginners—even the most experienced data scientists and experts haven’t come across most real-world use cases end-to-end. 

There’s a dilemma that exists in data science—when learning generalized theory and concepts, it’s helpful to study some idealized, simplified scenarios to put them into context. However, these simplified scenarios don’t prepare people for the complexity of real-life use cases. 

We’re aiming to solve that with scenario-based learning, where we immerse users in real-world challenges from different industries so they can apply what they learn in the workplace. However, we can’t possibly have data for everyone, so we’re relying on the community to add their own problem statements that others can learn from, too. 

The Solution Goldmine allows any experienced user to learn new shortcuts, new ways of looking at data, and new techniques. Like the rest of the Academy, it also supports true people transformation. Unlike other data science software, which teach you how to use their platform to do data science, we teach you how to do data science through our platform. 

How Can You Benefit from It? 

The ‘Data Science Solution Master’ certification is more than a badge practitioners can display on their LinkedIn accounts—it proves that you’ve executed and documented an end-to-end, peer-reviewed data science use case. 

Not only does it up the contributor’s credibility, it also helps boost the entire data science ecosystem. If you’re a beginner, you can dig through and see just how much goes into each use case. If you’re an expert, you can explore the fine-grained details on individual processes, subprocesses, variables, and feature engineering. 

The best part? Due to the simple yet detailed nature of the RapidMiner platform, you can unpack and understand everything going on inside each solution. The platform makes it approachable for anyone, and the incredible depth of detail available at your fingertips makes it a great opportunity for experts to learn from others in the community. 

Interested in Learning More? 

Each data scientist has their own expertise, experience, and wealth of knowledge. We created the Goldmine as a place for data scientists to share instructional, structured, and quality-controlled solutions with others who believe that upskilling isn’t just for beginners. 

We want YOU to contribute your solution to the Goldmine. If you haven’t already, check it out, get inspired, and submit your own solution for certification to be shared with others. Enroll for free today! 

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