05 December 2019


Six Reasons You Should Attend Wisdom 2020

Thinking about coming to Boston for our 2020 user conference Wisdom? Here are six of the top things you’ll have FOMO about if you don’t attend.

ONE. RapidMiner Founder Ingo Mierswa’s keynote

Ingo thinks deepfake is for losers. That most models don’t provide business impact. And that data scientists are wasting time. He’s worked for 20 years on hundreds of data science projects, and in that time, he’s seen it all. In his presentation, he’ll discuss some of the mistakes data scientists make – often inadvertently, but sometimes even though they should know better. He’ll also present a manifesto for data science, a set of basic principles designed to guide data science work and make sure that our models have the desired impact.

TWO. Featured Speaker Mike Gualtieri’s keynote

In addition to Ingo, we’re excited to have Forrester’s Research Vice President & Principal Analyst Mike Gualtieri speaking about the what the future holds for the future of AI and enterprise. In this keynote, Mike will demystify enterprise AI  identify use cases most likely to succeed, and, most importantly, provide research-based advice to enterprise leaders and key implementors that are charged with moving AI forward in their organizations. This session will be an awesome information download that you won’t want to miss!

THREE. Panel Discussion: “Getting Data Science Projects Over the Finish Line – What Does It Take?”

Data science projects often have participants with a range of skills and backgrounds. This means a given team will have a variety of different ideas and expectations about what to do and how to work together. This panel will bring together these different perspectives—including domain experts, data scientists, business users, and managers—to discuss their differing perspectives and how they can best to work collaboratively to ensure that data science projects have the desired impact and avoid contributing to the Model Impact Disaster.

FOUR. A Very Bostonian Hackathon

As we did previously in New Orleans, we’ll be using our Wisdom hackathon to address local issues, this time focusing on the Boston metro area, home of RapidMiner’s HQ. Bring your smahts and use your coding and machine learning expertise to dive into what’s happening in the Northeast. Whether you’re figuring out the best location to open a Dunks, calculating the fastest route to Gillette Stadium on game day, or predicting the best places on the Pike for staties to catch speeders, it’ll be a wicked good time.

FIVE. Network with the whole company

Every professional and user conference is a great chance to network with like-minded people, but Wisdom is unique! In addition to other users, you’ll also have a chance to network with all of the RapidMiner employees—every single one of us are going to be in attendance, and we can’t wait to meet, schmooze, and talk data science with all of you.

SIX. Let’s start the Family Feud!

Networking not enough? How about some goofy fun! We’ll be hosted a Family Feud-style event, pitting RapidMiner employees against our power-user Unicorns in a bid to see who knows the most about data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Survey says: it’ll be a blast!

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If you’re planning on coming, sign up now! Early bird pricing for Wisdom 2020 tickets ends on December 13th!

Reading this after the fact? Check out our blog post on the top takeaways from Wisdom 2020.

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