24 August 2015


The RapidMiner Philosophy

We’ve had a blast at RapidMiner in the past few months (see here and here)!  Since moving into the CTO role, I’ve enjoyed driving innovative ideas into our product roadmap – very cool stuff – but more about that at a later time. Today as we approach our next product release, I want to share the journey I’ve been on recently regarding “Who is RapidMiner.”

You see, things move very fast at RapidMiner.  In the past few months we’ve hired 30 new people.  And every one of them has been interested in my perspective on “who is RapidMiner.”  It’s a good question. I’m the founder, after all, I SHOULD know, right?  But “delivering a kick-ass predictive analytics platform,” while true, didn’t seem to capture the true essence of what we’ve created here at RapidMiner.  So I sat down to try and articulate the heartfelt philosophy upon which RapidMiner was established and continues operate.  Here is the simple truth:

             “We want to empower anybody to do super-innovative analytics.”

Predictive analytics is at the core of being super-innovative – there are new developments in our field every single month, for example, this one or this one.  The same rate of change is happening with technologies, such as Hadoop.  And when you bring both worlds together, our world spins even faster.  The truth is, new technologies and concepts will perpetually be on the horizon.  At RapidMiner we find this tremendously exciting!  So it’s only logical given our passion and philosophy, that we make these technologies and changes immediately accessible to those who want to use them.

Then it dawned on me:  this philosophy, our open source software, and the fact that we love our user community are all strongly connected… There’s more to the story – but my dog Marla is here to take me for my nightly walk.  I’ll write more soon — stay tuned!

This post is part of a series:

There have been some major advancements to the RapidMiner platform since this article was originally published. We’re on a mission to make machine learning more accessible to anyone. For more details, check out our latest release.

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