07 February 2018


Enterprise Data Science, faster and more secure with RapidMiner 8.1

There have been some major advancements to the RapidMiner platform since this article was originally published. We’re on a mission to make machine learning more accessible to anyone. For more details, check out our latest release.

RapidMiner 8.1 adds key features and new integrations to continue our journey towards achieving a highly scalable and reliable environment for large-scale data science deployments. The RapidMiner AI Hub (formerly RapidMiner Server) is more secure and faster than ever before, with improved encryption and performance.

MapR support

“]We have been working closely with the team at MapR and are very excited to announce this partnership. This opens up data science possibilities for existing RapidMiners, who rely on MapR for managing their big data. With focus on security and providing “one platform for all data”, MapR is one of the top Hadoop Distributions. RapidMiner users will now be able to unleash all the power of the data in the MapR environments.

Enhanced process monitoring

Now RapidMiner AI Hub users can monitor vital process information like status, percentage of progress, current running operator, etc. Expanding on the new distributed and scalable execution architecture released in 8.0, you can monitor processes inside specific job containers.

Security compliance

The Improved encryption for user credentials stored in RapidMiner and enterprise-grade protection against attacks and uploads of dangerous files delivers industry standard security to your enterprise data science deployments. Easily deploy RapidMiner AI Hub at scale, more robust and secure than ever before.

Global search

This is a feature that has got a lot of data scientists excited and is going to make life easier for all our users, speeding up their daily work as global search sifts through their repositories to quickly retrieve anything of interest- including processes, models, operators, extensions and even UI actions. No need to search through your complete folder structure anymore: everything is now at hand!

As we mentioned above, we’ve made major changes since this blog post. Check out our latest release to learn more!

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