From time to time, we post articles about how specific analysis methods work and how those methods and approaches can be done with RapidMiner.
Our colleagues from Simafore, an US-based consultancy company for advanced analytics, also follow this approach and describe many applications of data mining in real-world scenarios together with practical examples done with RapidMiner.

So I thought their blog might be interesting to you, especially for those of you not already familiar with the deepest aspects of data modeling.  For most of their blog posts, there is also a white paper explaining more details about the method application and how to perform this with RapidMiner.

Here is a small selection of topics:

A Simple Explanation of Decision Tree Modeling based on Entropies


Description of some of the basics of decision trees. Simple and hardly any math, I like the plots explaining the basic idea of the entropy as splitting criterion (although we actually calculate gain ratio differently than explained…)

White Paper:

 Data Distribution


Logistic Regression for Business Analytics using RapidMiner


Same as above, but this time for modeling with logistic regression.
 Easy to read and covering all basic ideas together with some examples. If you are not familiar with the topic yet, part 1 (see below) might help.

White Paper:

Part 1 (Basics):

Deploy Model:

Advanced Information:


Logistic Regression in RapidMiner


Feature Selection and Linear Regression

There are also two articles about feature selection and linear regression:

White Paper:

And I am sure, there is more to come. Please visit Simafore's blog at