20 January 2015


Introducing RapidMiner Academia for Students, Professors and Researchers

Dear Students, Professors, and Researchers around the world:

At RapidMiner, we believe that analytics is for anyone, especially those of you in academia.

In fact, our story started in academia in 2001 in the Artificial Intelligence Unit at the Technical University of Dortmund where Ralf Klinkenberg, Simon Fischer and I began collaborating on a predictive analytics project codenamed YALE (for Yet Another Learning Environment). It was from these humble academic beginnings that RapidMiner was born!

Over the years, RapidMiner has evolved into a leading modern analytics platform used by thousands of data scientists and business analysts in commercial enterprises across industries and use cases. But we are also a platform trusted by thousands students, professors, and researchers who use RapidMiner to complete coursework and research projects and teach and mentor the next generation of data scientists and business analysts.

In fact there are over 45,000 of you and the number is growing by the day! When ranked by number of users, University of Nevada Las Vegas, University of Arizona, University of Illinois, Technical University of Dortmund (of course) and the University of Pittsburgh top the list of more than 3,000 universities using our modern analytics platform!

Today, we’re giving back to this community and going back to our roots by announcing RapidMiner Academia – a program that provides free or substantially discounted use of the commercial version of our platform to students, professors, researchers and other academics at non-profit and for-profit educational institutions.

With a dozen data scientists on staff (not to mention our fair share of advanced computer science degrees and MBAs), we understand the challenges of today’s academic leaders and the demands upon institutions to produce more skilled analytic professionals than ever before.

The RapidMiner Academia program was created to serve students, professors and researchers on many levels.

professors_icon-25pctFor example, Students & Professors can take advantage of the latest RapidMiner data science platform at no cost and:

students_icon-25pctWith the power of RapidMiner Academia supporting their efforts in higher education, they can learn and share:

The program also considers the need for university researchers looking to unlock higher value from data in advanced research initiatives. Both unfunded and funded researchers can take advantage of the latest RapidMiner including:

And now, researchers can benefit by:

As you can see, “Analytics. For Anyone” is far more than our company tagline – it is part of our mission to help mitigate the shortfall of skilled analytic professionals – starting with empowering the next generation of data scientists. In fact, McKinsey Global Institute estimates a shortage in the U.S. of between 140,000 and 190,000 professionals with deep analytical skills. We believe that giving back to the academic communities that helped ignite RapidMiner’s formation and success is at the very heart of this program.

We hope that you will take full advantage of this opportunity to further your education, curriculum, research or all of the above and we look forward to learning from you what you did with RapidMiner.

To enroll or for additional information on the program and eligibility requirements, please visit the RapidMiner Academia.

Thank you!


Ingo Mierswa
CEO, RapidMiner

We’ve updated our Academy since this article was published. Check it out to see how you can start learning skills-based data science today! 

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