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05 December 2022


Frictionless AI for Every Person and Every Enterprise

Friction can be a big problem when engineers validate components for cars or planes. But we have found it can be just as much of an issue when you are trying to use data to improve your business. Instead of high temperatures and grinding gears, friction in data analytics can lead to failed projects, wasted money, and unnecessary work. In the three decades we have spent implementing data analytics solutions, we have found there can be organizational friction between departments and people, technical friction between tools and vendors, or financial friction between aspiration and reality. Often, it is all three. As much as 87% of the time, the result is the same – the data analytics project goes nowhere. 

What is friction in analytics? It can mean:

These are big challenges that require careful thinking and holistic solutions; equal parts organizational education, technology acceleration, and all-around flexibility. 

This is why the combination of Altair and RapidMiner is so powerful. RapidMiner brings a world-class, advanced data analytics platform and industry-leading Center of Excellence (CoE) program for organizational data analytics transformation. Altair brings scale, an established data analytics business, unique technology, and the revolutionary, patented Altair Units software licensing model. Together, we are uniquely able to provide the technical accelerators and organizational streamlining that our customers need to succeed in their data analytics initiatives.

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