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Announcing a Free Trial for Everyone

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There have been some major advancements to the RapidMiner platform since this article was originally published. We’re on a mission to make machine learning more accessible to anyone. For more details, check out our latest release.

Today, RapidMiner announced that we’re giving everyone a 30-day trial of RapidMiner Studio. Everyone on the latest version of RapidMiner Studio will automatically receive the 30-day trial license. We want to make sure that everyone has the best possible experience with RapidMiner Studio, including unlimited data and the fastest possible performance. Most of all, we wanted everyone to be able to experience Auto Model to build higher quality predictive models, faster.

All you need to do is make sure you are using the latest version of RapidMiner Studio. You won’t get a 30-day trial until you upgrade. But trust me, upgrading to the latest version so you can get a trial is well worth the time. Here’s what you’ll get when you upgrade:

RapidMiner Auto Model

This is a big one. Now everyone can use Auto Model!

Auto Model is new in RapidMiner Studio 8.1, and it accelerates everything you do when building a predictive model so you can build higher quality predictive models, faster. Auto Model speeds data prep by automatically analyzing data to identify common quality problems like correlations, missing values, and stability. It automates predictive modeling by suggesting the best machine learning algorithms for your data, then generates optimized, cross-validated predictive models so you can see which model performed the best.

Best of all, the output is a RapidMiner Studio process, so you can instantly visualize all the data prep and modeling steps, and selectively fine tune and test them as needed. All of the other automated machine learning approaches we’ve seen hide the inner workings of the model from the user. We call this #noblackboxes 🙂

Here’s a quick 3-minute demo of Auto Model in action. If you haven’t seen it, you should!

Video Thumbnail

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Still not convinced? Here’s some feedback from other users who’ve been using Auto Model:

Thanks @twentworth12 for letting me use @RapidMiner new feature, the Auto Model is marvelous…many congratulations @ingomierswa and the team 🙂 for building such a tool.

— Ricky D’Cruze (@ricky_dcruze) March 5, 2018

Last year I had 12 workstations running about 50 hours for a regression task with parameter tuning for eight labels. Last week i tried Auto Model on the same dataset; just some hours and a single machine to get the same results. — Jaku (@jaku440) March 1, 2018

I’ll go out on a limb and say Auto Model is the most important new capability we’ve ever added to RapidMiner Studio. It really changes the experience for both new users and experienced data scientists, and you’ll likely find yourself starting all of your new projects with it.

In addition to Auto Model, here’s the full list of what you’ll get with your 30-day trial of RapidMiner Studio Large:

Unlimited Data Rows

RapidMiner Studio Large supports unlimited data rows so you can use all of your data in your workflows.

Unlimited Logical Processor Support

RapidMiner Studio Large takes full advantage of the processing power of your computer by running jobs in parallel across all of your logical processors. You’ll see a huge performance improvement for most operations. You can learn more about that here.

Background Process Execution

With RapidMiner Studio Large, you can run processes in the background while you continue to use Studio. This really improves your productivity as you can now work in Studio while running modeling processes in the background.

You’ll find this new option under the “Run” menu inside RapidMiner Studio.

We’re thrilled to be able to let everyone experience the full capabilities of RapidMiner Studio. After your 30-day trial expires, you’ll automatically revert to RapidMiner Studio Free. If you’d like to learn more about the differences between all the different versions of RapidMiner Studio, you can take a look at our pricing page.

Note that if you are having problems getting the trial license, just close and open RapidMiner Studio again. That should fix the problem.

Lastly, if you are using an educational license, you won’t get the trial because you already have access to everything in RapidMiner Studio.

As we mentioned above, there have been several major advancements to the RapidMiner platform since this post was originally published. Be sure to check out our latest release.

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Tom Wentworth

Tom Wentworth

Chief Marketing Officer at RapidMiner