Fostering a Spirit of Community

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At Wisdom New York in February I was struck by the strong community feel in the room. Academics, students, customers, and RapidMiner staff and partners all sharing freely of their time and knowledge. The presentations were all extremely high quality and we all learned something new from every single one of them.

And then we all went home. The conference was over, we said our goodbyes, Ubers were called and we headed off into the cold New York evening.  No more animated conversation. No more sharing of best practice.  No more useful contacts made. Until next time.

Well, actually, no. As we announced on stage in the final session, we are in the process of building a new site especially for you, the RapidMiner Community. This will be a place where you can share your experiences, knowledge and even your frustrations. A place you can collaborate on ideas and projects, ask questions of your peers and ask us to develop new features. A place where Wisdom happens every day, and you don’t have to suffer a North East winter afterwards.

We have made significant investments in people and systems, and are planning a launch around April. If a community is about helping each other, than our role in these investments is to help you help each other. We all have our day jobs to do, and that means solving difficult problems with data, technology, people and processes as they arise. And sometimes even the smartest of us need a little help. The new site we are putting together will mean finding that help is easier than ever before. Perhaps your question has been asked before, or maybe there is another community member whose profile identifies themselves as someone to reach out to.

If you already have a RapidMiner account, then all you will need to do is pick a user name and an avatar. If you don’t have an account then click here and get yourself set up today.  That will give you access to the new RapidMiner Community from day one. You will be able to learn and share and chat all the time, while staying in the comfort of your own local climate*.

It will also give you access to more in-person events around the world, and free tickets to future Wisdom events. We look forward to seeing you virtually and in person much, much more.

* In case you wondered why I, as a British guy, complain about the weather that much: It was 10 degrees Fahrenheit in New York City during the Wisdom conference.  Who plans an event in NYC in January to begin with?  Here is a picture of me during the conference:


Tom Wentworth

Tom Wentworth

Chief Marketing Officer at RapidMiner