Thomas Ott, Senior Consultant & Data Scientist at RapidMiner, has two new demonstration videos to share with us this week.

His first video is based on a request that came from Twitter and it covers sentiment analysis on the Boston 2024 Summer Olympics. Building on the same processes from the Political Sentiment model, we redeploy them but update the Twitter Search terms for #Boston2024. We extract sentiment from tweets, drop any geo-located tweets to a map, and monitor sentiment over time.

His next video covers D3js Integration. Customizing RapidMiner Server with javascript visualizations is not only feasible, but really easy. In this video we show how a D3js horizontal bar chart can be automatically created by RapidMiner Studio, imported into a Server Dashboard, and have interactive macros applied to update the bar chart on the fly!

Stay tuned for more Everyday Data Science videos!

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  • Wynn

    Could you please kindly sent us the process you used in this case? cos we can’t apply them sucessfully by our own.

    • Thomas Ott

      Which process are you referring too? The Political or D3js one?