02 June 2020


Announcing RapidMiner 9.7 — Making Data Science a Team Sport

Today, we’re excited to announce the next step in RapidMiner’s growth—RapidMiner 9.7. With the launch of 9.7, we’re continuing our work to put people at the center of the AI journey by fostering better collaboration, all while improving the oversight and management that’s critical to creating successful machine learning projects.

Here’s a look at the biggest changes in 9.7.

RapidMiner Server is now RapidMiner AI Hub 

As part of the 9.7 launch, we’ve rebranded RapidMiner Server as RapidMiner AI Hub. This new name communicates the AI Hub’s function of connecting machine learning to the people, processes, and systems that make it all work. Integrating all of this through the AI Hub will help tear down the silos that can stymie machine learning projects and help them succeed. You can read more about the name change here.

AI Hub includes a new projects framework

The change in name to AI Hub comes with the addition of a projects framework that allows for unprecedented central collaboration and governance of AI projects.

Projects help teams convert ideas into models easily and iteratively, so they can deliver value for the business. People with different tooling preferences and skillsets can collaborate in a single platform that supports automated, visual, and code-based authoring styles. Everyone involved in machine learning projects can work together in the same place, easing collaboration friction.

Projects offers precise version control

In addition to allowing everyone to work in the same place, projects also delivers a rare combination of agility and traceability by integrating fine-grained version control based on Git standards. This allows the tracking of all changes—including who executed them—which creates clear and distinct model lineages in case you need to backtrack or merge project code. What’s more, “Snapshots” functionality lets you easily roll back to earlier versions of projects, supporting iterative and agile AI development.

Supports large-scale collaboration

To support collaboration at large scale, we’ve introduced enterprise-grade identity & access management to RapidMiner’s products. This includes an enterprise-grade single sign-on experience, creating a seamless experience across the RapidMiner data science platform. It also includes precision access control that facilitates fine-grained user, group, and role management.

All of these new features make collaboration between coders, RapidMiner Studio users, and RapidMiner Go users even easier.

If you’re interested in the nitty gritty of the release, you can check out the What’s New page for all the details.

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