5 Minutes With Ingo: Back To The Future

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RapidMiners, THIS is your 5 Minutes with Ingo:

This week, Ingo Mierswa, RapidMiner’s CEO, Co-Founder & Data Scientist in Residence, tells us that he doesn’t care about the past. That’s the realm of BI & reporting. He cares about the future. That’s the realm of predictive analytics!

Plus, Ingo goes for a cozy walk around the office with a fellow data scientist.

We hope you enjoy your 5 Minutes with Ingo and please stay tuned for future episodes!

In the meantime, do you have a data science, modern analytics or RapidMiner question or topic that you’d like Ingo to cover next week? Let us know by tweeting @RapidMiner!

Ingo Mierswa

Ingo Mierswa

Ingo Mierswa is the founder and president of RapidMiner and an industry-veteran data scientist since starting to develop RapidMiner at the Artificial Intelligence Division of the TU Dortmund University in Germany. Mierswa, the scientist, has authored numerous award-winning publications about predictive analytics and big data. Mierswa, the entrepreneur, is the founder of RapidMiner. Under his leadership RapidMiner has grown up to 300% per year over the first seven years. In 2012, he spearheaded the go-international strategy with the opening of offices in the US as well as the UK and Hungary. After two rounds of fundraising, the acquisition of Radoop, and supporting the positioning of RapidMiner with leading analyst firms like Gartner and Forrester, Ingo takes a lot of pride in bringing the world’s best team to RapidMiner.