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Big Data + Analytics

How to Build a Data-Driven Marketing Team

Data science teams are an evolution of the marketing operations function, who are responsible for marketing technology, processes, and analytics.

Artificial Intelligence

RapidMiner and Enterprise Authentication

RapidMiner Server and Studio can now use the SAML protocol to interact with any identity provider, and incorporate RapidMiner users to the general user management of the company.

Artificial Intelligence

The Issue of Deploying Models in Production

In this article, we cover common issues we encounter when deploying ML models and how the combination of Talend and RapidMiner help overcome them.


RapidMiner Wisdom 18 Recap – Day Two

Here’s a recap of the presentations from the second day of Wisdom 2018 in New Orleans. Wisdom is RapidMiner’s conference for users.


RapidMiner Wisdom 18 Recap – Day One

Here’s a recap of the presentations from the first day of Wisdom 2018 in New Orleans. Wisdom is RapidMiner’s conference for users.

Data Preparation

Data Preparation: Time consuming and tedious?

What makes data prep so difficult and tedious? Ingo shares his thoughts on this and how RapidMiner addresses this issue with a new data prep approach.

Data Science

3 ways to ruin your business with data science

Machine learning and data science have become an intrinsic part of business. Learn how to avoid common data science mistakes that can ruin your business.

Data Science

Doc Ingo, what model should I use?

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is: “Ingo, I am from Industry X and my data looks like Y and my colleague recommended to use model Z – what is your opinion on what model to use?” In this blog post, I explain a well-proven framework for model selection.

RapidMiner Platform

Introducing RapidMiner Real-Time Scoring

RapidMiner’s Real-Time Scoring Agent extends Server with a lightweight execution engine designed for specific use cases where speed and volume are critical.

RapidMiner Platform

Announcing a Free Trial for Everyone

Today RapidMiner announced that we’re giving everyone a 30-day trial of Studio Large. Everyone will automatically receive the 30-day trial license.

Machine Learning

Accelerated Modeling without the Black Box

RapidMiner Auto Model automates machine learning and accelerates Data Science, making the platform more accessible to new users and more powerful for expert Data Scientists.

RapidMiner Platform

Ten Tips to Master RapidMiner Studio

We’ve compiled the top ten most useful tips and tricks from our data science team to help you master our RapidMiner Studio.

Artificial Intelligence

Naïve Bayes – Not so naïve after all!

Naïve Bayes is a powerful machine learning technique. Learn more about this classifier below and make it part of your standard toolbox.

Data Science

What is Data Science?

What is data science? Have you read about the relationship between AI, machine learning, and deep learning? How do they relate to data science ?

Time Series
Data Mining

Time Series Forecasting with RapidMiner and R

Learn more about time series forecasting in RapidMiner Studio and with R. R integrates well within RapidMiner in order to handle time series forecasting.

Model Validation

Cross Validation: Why & How to Do It

Learn how k-fold cross-validation is the go-to method whenever you want to validate the future accuracy of a predictive model.

Model Validation

Why You Should Ignore the Training Error

Training errors can be dangerously misleading. Discover which practices will provide you with better estimation techniques for your model.

Data Science

The Data Core Project

We kicked-off a special-purpose project, named the Data Core Project, to revise the core data management and processing core of RapidMiner.

Model Validation

RapidMiner’s New Parallel Cross-Validation

Now that we have ported the cross-validation operator to make use of parallel execution, you can ultimately produce better results, faster.

Data Science

Start a Data Science Project in Minutes

Start a Data Science Project with RapidMiner’s Data Science Expert Marketplace; helping you close the data science skills gap.

Data Mining

Unlock Behavioral Insight from MongoDB

Learn how to use data from MongoDB in RapidMiner to help website owners measure the successes of their online business goals.

Data Preparation

How to Join Your Data [Tips + Tricks]

How to join data in RapidMiner. 7 easy ways to mash up your data in SQL fashion without writing SQL and using RapidMiner instead.

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