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Author: Kristen M. Vaughn

Anomaly Detection

What is anomaly detection? In data science, anomaly de­tection is the process of identifying events and observations that deviate from a dataset’s usual pattern. As

Reinforcement Learning

What exactly is reinforcement learning? Reinforcement learning is a trial-and-error training method for machine learning models. This approach is especially useful for teaching computers to make sequential,

Edge Computing

What is edge computing? Edge computing has been gaining popularity in enterprise tech—especially in the manufacturing, utility, and shipping industries—and you may be wondering if it’s

Ensemble Learning

What is ensemble learning? Ensemble learning is a method for improving predictive performance by combining different machine learning models—much as you might blend different instruments and voices

Active Learning in Machine Learning

What is active learning in machine learning? Active learning is a form of semi-supervised machine learning that facilitates faster algorithm training by proactively identifying high-value


You’ve probably heard the term “upskilling” in relation to machine learning and data science. But what does it mean, exactly, and why does doing it