Author: Kara Lanio

Price Optimization

Whether in your business or personal life, you’ve probably had to work with someone incapable of accomplishing a task without being given detailed instructions every

Data Mining Tools

Data mining is the process of uncovering patterns inside large sets of data to predict future outcomes. Structured data is data that is organized into columns and rows so that

Artificial Intelligence

Do you really know what Artificial Intelligence is and why it matters? Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds the key to much of what human future can

Big Data

There’s hardly any resource more fundamental to the strategy and success of a business than data. With simple deductions drawn from this data, such as

Data Science

What you need to know about data science, how it works and why it is important Data science has been called “the future of artificial

Data Preparation

What you need to know about Data Preparation Despite how important big data and machine learning have become to business processes, the fact still holds:

Automated Machine Learning

What is Automated Machine Learning and how does it help make organizations better? Drawing on the increasing availability of data and higher levels of computing

Risk Management

Using Data Science for Better Risk Management Risk management is the practice of identifying potential risks. Every organization faces risk, and they can come from

Machine Learning

What you need to know about machine learning, its importance and how it works The world is changing in more ways than we can keep