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Author: Kara Lanio

Price Optimization

Machine learning driven price optimization is reshaping industries from hotels to retail. Learn what it is what it can do for you.

Data Mining Tools

Data mining tools are used to uncover patterns inside large sets of data to predict future outcomes. Learn more about data mining with RapidMiner.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is changing our world in more ways than we can see or even imagine. But there’s a lot of fiction about the fact of AI. This article explains everything you need to know about AI, what it really does and why it matters.

Big Data

If data is the fuel for machine learning, then big data is the space age lighter fluid that sets machine learning on fire. Learn about it here.

Data Science

Data science is helping us change our world in ways we never even knew. Do you know how it works and why it’s important? Read this article to find out.

Data Preparation

Are you wondering what relevance data preparation has to your company or organization? Here’s what you don’t know about data prep and how it can help you.

Automated Machine Learning

Automated machine learning holds the key to democratizing data science. Learn how to gain valuable insights that will drive innovation with Auto ML.

Risk Management

Modern risk management demands the latest data science technology. Learn the opportunities and challenges involved in optimizing your business.