RapidMiner spans industries to solve the challenges facing today’s business analysts. In the new RapidMiner 6, we’re making it even easier to get started with application wizards tailored to your needs.

Churn Reduction

The cost of retaining an existing customer is far less than acquiring a new one. RapidMiner’s Churn Analysis application wizard sifts through your customer data to identify which customers are most likely to switch to a competitor and why, so that you can implement a targeted retention campaign in a timely fashion.

Industries: Financial Services, Telecommunications, ISPs, Media, Retail

Sentiment Analysis

Markets are conversations, and social media is an endless source of conversations where products, services and brands are both praised and criticized in real time. Properly analyzed, these conversations can give you direct insight into your customers’ thinking. Plug RapidMiner’s Sentiment Analysis application wizard into the social media stream and see what customers are saying about your business.

Industries: Manufacturing, Travel, Retail, Banking, Media, Pharmaceutical

Predictive Maintenance

Product manufacturing is unlike any other business. Sudden malfunctions can stop your business on a dime, resulting in lost revenue and production concerns. The RapidMiner Predictive Maintenance application wizard transforms the unknown into the predictable, reducing both unnecessary maintenance costs and unexpected failures.

Industries: Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Transportation, Telecommunications, Pharmaceutical

Direct Marketing

What was once a postal delivery channel has now expanded to include text messages, emails, online ads and other digital advertising. Businesses must account for spending across these platforms and provide analytics to support ROI metrics. RapidMiner’s Direct Marketing application wizard allows businesses to invest only in marketing actions with the highest conversion rates and helps reduce costs by improving targeting.

Industries: Retail, Banking, Finance, Fashion, Media, Telecommunications, Utilities

These application wizards and more — in RapidMiner 6!

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