RapidMiner Server

Server environment that enables powerful predictive
analytics backed by dedicated computation power.

Get predictions at lightning speed.

Don’t be slowed by your laptop’s limitations. RapidMiner Server lets you run processes on enterprise hardware from anywhere, without restrictions. Use our performance-optimized application server to schedule and run your analysis, and get real-time results.


Integrate your in-house tools and data sources.

RapidMiner Server seamlessly integrates with not only RapidMiner Studio but other data sources across your enterprise. Add  your own specialized algorithms, extend into your in-house databases, and combine your sources to form a truly comprehensive environment that takes your results to the next level.

Collaborate with interactive dashboards.

Collaboration is key with RapidMiner Server. Shared repositories allow you to work with coworkers and contributors throughout your organization and beyond, using interactive dashboards you build to meet your specific needs. Assign specific tasks, pool your resources, and share information with everyone in your team at once, from anywhere in the world. We make it easy to access, monitor, and share your analysis anywhere, anytime.

Run and process your analysis remotely.

Schedule, run, and monitor your analysis processes remotely via RapidMiner Server’s flexible web interface. Keep your processes going 24/7, continually updating them with new data from expanding databases;  calculate up-to-the-minute results and get reports and triggered notifications if something happens you need to know about.