RapidMiner Server

Modern, open and agile platform operationalizes predictive analytics and offers
uncompromising performance, security, and governance

Collaborate. Compute. Manage. Deploy.

RapidMiner Server is an enterprise-grade environment for powerful predictive analytics, designed with central repository & management, dedicated computation power, and broad extensibility to operationalize analytic results.  The three RapidMiner Server tiers encompass Collaboration, Computation and Deployment.

Collaboration:  Explore, model, and deliver fast as a team

The Collaboration tier of the RapidMiner Server makes work easier and faster for a team of data scientists and analysts. It provides a server-based repository for sharing data sources, analytical processes, predictive applications, and best practices. Users across the organization can work together more efficiently while accessing, reusing, and sharing content in a version-controlled, secure, and centrally managed environment.

Computation:  Get predictions at lightning speed

Don’t let the limitations of your laptop slow you down. The RapidMiner Server Computation tier is optimized for performance and lets you run big jobs on enterprise hardware anywhere. With a few clicks you can push jobs to the server and continuously get progress feedback, while freeing up your personal system for other important work.

Deployment:  Immediately put analytic results into action

Operationalize predictive analytics into your business via the RapidMiner Server Deployment tier. Easily integrate with cloud, business, and IT systems through an open API, a rich set of connectors, and a unique ability to deploy processes as web services. Set up scheduled processing, continuously score data in real-time, and graphically build interactive predictive and visual web applications to maximize the value of predictive analytics in your business.