RapidMiner Predictive Analytics Platform

Agile Predictive Analytics Platform for Today’s Modern Analysts
Prep Data - Predict - Operationalize

RapidMiner is an agile, open source predictive analytics platform designed for today’s modern analyst. We empower you to close the loop between insight and action – giving you the ability to easily mashup & transform disparate data, create & execute predictive analytics, and deploy & operationalize analytic results directly into any business process. Our code-free, drag & drop interface makes predictive analytics lightning-fast, radically reducing the time to unearth opportunities and risks, and significantly accelerating your time to decision.

Monetize the insights buried in your data:

  • Empower business analysts and data scientists to effortlessly mine and model your data on a code-free platform
  • Mashup and transform all your data, whether structured or unstructured, for a holistic view of your business
  • Rapidly prototype and build predictive models to uncover previously hidden opportunities and risks
  • Operationalize predictive models by embedding them within your everyday business processes

Meet the RapidMiner Product Family

RapidMiner Studio

Effortless Predictive Analytics. A highly intuitive, yet powerful visual environment that allows analysts and data scientists to easily design predictive analytic models and processes. Move quickly from data prep to model building to deployment—no coding or Ph.D. required.

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RapidMiner Server

Modern, Open and Agile Platform. An enterprise-grade environment for powerful predictive analytics, backed by dedicated computation power. Broadly extensible, letting you embed predictive models directly into any of your critical business processes. Central management provides security, governance, and shared analytic repositories.

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RapidMiner Radoop

Predictive Analytics at Unlimited Scale. An extension to the RapidMiner platform, Radoop securely pushes analytic instructions directly into Hadoop where predictive analytics are rapidly executed across the entire cluster, giving you complete insights into all your data.

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RapidMiner Cloud

On-demand elastic compute environment to execute high-performance, broad-scale predictive analytics on demand in the Cloud.

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