Meet RapidMiner

An integrated environment for machine learning, data mining,
text mining, predictive analytics and business analytics.
Observe, Explain, Anticipate, Act

Predict Future Outcomes & Take Action

Predictive Analytics predicts future outcomes and provides a view into what will happen next, allowing you to pro-actively optimize your outcomes.

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Speed Up Delivery & Reduce Errors

Design your data analysis routines visually and speed up delivery while reducing errors by eliminating the need to write code.

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Powerful Predictive Modeling

The most comprehensive set of data mining and machine learning algorithms allow you to make the most accurate predictions. Honest validation gives you realistic feedback on your model performance.

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Finish Faster & Scale Larger

Choose the best approach based on the size of your data: in- memory, in-database or in-Hadoop.

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Avoid Data Limitations

Work with the data formats you use everyday including CSV, Excel, Access, Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL, Sybase, Ingres, MySQL, Postgres, SPSS, Text files, and more.

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  • Access to more than 40 file types
  • Wizards for Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, comma-delimited files, and database connections
  • Support for all databases via JDBC or ODBC including Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres, Teradata, Ingres, VectorWise, and many more
  • Connector to SAP
  • Access to text documents and web pages, PDF, HTML, and XML
  • Access to time series data, audio files, images, and many more
  • Repository-based data management on local file systems or central servers via RapidAnalytics
  • Enhanced data and meta data editor for repository entries
  • Select attributes operator
  • Aggregations for multiple groups and functions like sum, average, median, standard deviation, variance, count, least, mode, minimum, maximum, product, or log product
  • Set operators like join, merge, append, union, or intersect
  • Operators for handling meta data like rename or attribute role definition
  • Filtering rows / examples according to range, missing values, wrong or correct predictions, or specific attribute values
  • Filtering outliers according to distances, densities, local outlier factors, class outlier factors, local correlation integrals, or clustering based outlier detections
  • Identification and removal of duplicates

Conquer Unstructured Data

Mash-up structured with unstructured data to analyze text, audio, image and video data in combination with traditional tabular data.

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Handle Almost Anything with Extensions

If RapidMiner can't handle your specific data analysis needs it can be extended with additional plugins. Through the extensions marketplace open-source developers can create data analysis algorithms and publish them to a broader community.

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Deploy with One Click

Reduce the time to market for your models with easy scheduling and integration of analytics processes by leveraging a client/server model for cloud infrastructure integration.

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