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Getting Started

Are you ready to jump right in and get started with RapidMiner? Check out three of our most popular resources for kickstarting your use of the platform. Getting started has never been easier!


Access the RapidMiner installation guide, Studio manual, operator reference manual and other documentation you might need to get started and broaden your knowledge of RapidMiner!


Access in-depth case studies, whitepapers, analyst reports and webinars providing you with valuable knowledge about data mining, predictive analytics and the latest industry trends. We’ve teamed up with leading analysts to share the insights you need to make more informed decisions.


We offer training courses around the world including the US, UK and Germany to help you work your way from RapidMiner Analyst to Expert to Master. Check out our training courses and sign up today.

RapidMiner Academia

Apply now for RapidMiner Academia, a program that provides free or substantially discounted use of the commercial version of our platform to students, professors, researchers and other academics at educational institutions.


Check out our blog for some of the latest and most entertaining content from the RapidMiner team, including the new series, ‘5-minutes with Ingo’. Trust us, you won’t want to miss this!

Webinars and Events

Visit our ‘Webinars and Events’ page for information and access to upcoming webinars, webinar recordings, and events we’re sponsoring.