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Increase output with better analysis

Maximize efficiency and yield.

Improved technology and reduced prices make it easier to collect and access on-site data. Leverage RapidMiner and Predictive Analytics to explore and generate value from this data. Optimize extraction and production by ensuring process quality, improving risk management tactics and employing predictive maintenance.


Anticipate Equipment Failure

Analyze data from pumps and wells to anticipate failures, maintenance needs and proactively schedule maintenance activities.

Assure Production Quality

Leverage available data to optimize your production processes and secure constant operations quality.

Risk Management

Mitigate Risk

Identify and mitigate potential operational and financial risk factors and avoid situations endangering your workforce or operations.

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  • I use RapidMiner to build models to identify and prioritize internal relationships across a variety of data types in the search for oil and gas. RapidMiner offers unprecedented accuracy and flexibility and permits us to compete at a much higher level with a definitive edge. RapidMiner's superb learning curve allows me to transfer this technology and approach to much younger, inexperienced personnel.

    Technical Team LeadLarge Oil and Gas Company

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