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On-Demand: Introduction to RapidMiner

RapidMiner’s innovative self-service platform enables more users than ever before to leverage the power of data science. During this webinar, you will learn how our visual design, automated recommendations, and intuitive quick-start accelerators can help you to confidently derive deep insights from your data and deliver impactful results to the business.

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On-Demand: Extracting Big Value from Big Data

As organizations adopt big data technologies, there continues to be a growing interest in advanced & predictive analytics to extract big value including: revenue growth, lower costs, and compliance & governance. Real value comes not only from finding the best model, but in actually implementing that model and turning predictive insights into actions. Join us as we explore the predictive analytics lifecycle.

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On-Demand: Amplify Predictive Analytics with Data Visualization

Dr. Ingo Mierswa, RapidMiner Founder and CTO, demonstrates how to put predictive and prescriptive analytics directly into the hands of every Qlik user. Make more meaningful decisions, drive more actions and significantly improve the likelihood of achieving desired outcomes.

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On-Demand: Operationalize Predictive Analytics

Data science teams do great work, but it is all for naught if the models they create cannot be operationalized in a quick and friction-free manner. Models are often built using one technology, but must be translated to another technology to embed in applications and business intelligence platforms. It not only takes too long, but accuracy is often lost in translation. Enterprises have an insatiable appetite for predictive analytics; data science teams need to deliver faster results. Watch this webinar with guest speaker, Forrester analyst Mike Gualtieri and Lars Bauerle.

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On-Demand: Taming the Beast-Extracting Value from Hadoop

Hear from Ingo Mierswa, CTO at RapidMiner, John Myers, managing research director at leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), and Lyndsay Wise, research director at EMA, as they discuss how to close the loop between predictive insights and action using big data analytics.

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On-Demand: Text Analytics Delivers Game-Changing Customer Insights

During this webinar RapidMiner and Aylien explore the power of social content by analyzing data captured from thousands of tweets referencingSuper Bowl 50 ads to determine viewer sentiments and predict potential trends in brand adoption.

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On-Demand: Turn the Promise of Big Data into Business Impact

As Hadoop continues to grow in popularity, organizations struggle to turn the promise of Big Data into business value, as shown in recent Gartner surveys. Predictive analytics is a natural platform to extract business value from Big Data. However, a skills gap becomes a major adoption inhibitor, as the Hadoop architecture requires specialized coding skills in addition to data science expertise. Learn what the experts have to say.

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On-Demand: Advanced Analytics + Hadoop: Turning Big Data into Action

During this webinar industry experts discuss some of the latest research into the big data and advanced analytics markets and how firms can now collaborate on developing and deploying advanced analytics systems in a Hadoop big data environment while eliminating the need to for programming and specialized skills. Presented by John Myers, Research Director, Enterprise Management Associates, Ingo Mierswa, CEO, RapidMiner, and Zoltán Prekopcsák, Vice President of Big Data, RapidMiner.

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On-Demand: Are You Ready for Modern Analytics?

During this webinar industry experts compare Traditional Analytics to Modern Analytics, discuss the business requirements that are driving the need for Modern Analytics, and describe the technologies required to make it happen!

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On-Demand: Best Practices for Applying Advanced Analytics in Hadoop

According to a Big Data analytics study from research firm IDC, 99% of enterprises surveyed use or plan to use Hadoop. But 55% of Big Data projects fail because Hadoop is challenging. During this webinar you learn how to overcome some of the main challenges of Hadoop and successfully implement your own advanced analytics in Hadoop by following best practices and avoiding common pitfalls. Presented by Zoltán Prekopcsák, Vice President of Big Data, RapidMiner and founder and former CEO of Radoop.

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Hadoop Summit

June 28, 2016 - June 30, 2016 | Venue: San Jose McEnery Convention Center

Hadoop Summit San Jose will feature three full days of content and 8 tracks dedicated to enabling modern data applications. Attendees will develop an understanding of key technologies powering new modern data applications and the value they generate for businesses. Industry experts, business leaders, architects, data scientists and Hadoop developers will share use cases, success stories, best practices, cautionary tales and technology insights that will provide practical guidance to novices as well as experienced practitioners of modern data infrastructure.
Join us at the event!  Utilize discount code:  16SJspO20 to get a 20% discount on your conference registration fees to the 2016 Hadoop Summit


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